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Protect the peace.

Leadership Development
Leadership Development
who we are


SOLE is a global platform for developing leadership among immigrants and refugees here is the USA and around the globe. Our vision focuses on the relationship between communities and endangered humans through organizations those provide such services. The power of immigrants and refugees would be explored through our School addressing  the core concept of leadership in respect of political, professional, business and educational arena. We also ought to address the young pupils locally and internationally against drugs, hunger, religious bigotry and to keep cultural, communal harmony. Peace is our ultimate vision.
What We Do


By providing education, skill and leadership development SOLE helps immigrants and organizations advocate for improved policies, better access to services and enrich their thought level according to values and strength of the particular groups. SOLE would play important role to minimize the inter cultural gap between strangers and the communities those serve them. It’s important that these helpless and driven away people are the strength where ever they go and taming up them is very important for world peace.

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