International Migrant Foundation (IMF)

“International Migrant Foundation IMF is working relentlessly to improve, protections for refugees and vulnerable migrants, to tackle the exploitation of migrant workers. IMF has started functioning with the fame in the year 2008 in Bangladesh and going to celebrate 10 years of establishment in this year 2018. IMF. “Working for the community” sets the difference and makes us collaborator of projects grants, build partnerships, and pursue advocacy with policymakers. IMF works around the world with national and international organizations, faith groups, and the private sector. IMF is contributing a huge impact of human rights & protecting migrants’ refugees’ slavery and human trafficking all over the world. I am confident that IMF is so far on the right track if these efforts and organized teamwork continues IMF will be able to keep this success and remain glorious as Bonanza. I hope that our combined efforts would help us to achieve the purpose for which the foundation was established. The foundation would expect suggestions from all concerned for improvement of its performances.”

We will not only protect our rights but also will fight against that unhealthy manner of our responsible diplomats assigned for effective obeah and every member will act like an Ambassador of our country in the world and also keep values for their motherland and brotherhood by taking strong responsibilities. Never think that you are alone – IMF always stand beside you and your family’s.

International Migrants Foundation has been initiated by a group of change makers in 2008 in Bangladesh. This organization is totally inspired by IOM International Organization for Migration of UN. IOM works for migrants of all around the world and of all nationalities. But IMF emphasizes on the migrants from Bangladesh. Those Bangladeshi migrants who live in various countries of world and facing various problems. It intends to provide services and advice concerning migration to governments and migrants, including internally displaced persons, refugees, and migrant workers.

Last year Nobel Peace prize owner organization was International Campaign to abolishing Nuclear weapon ICAN from Bangladesh.

Please raise your strong voice for our campaign IMF – International campaign for abolishing modern slavery.


IMF platform will create a strong network round the world specially for Bangladeshi community and our motto is

  • to support refugee
  • to support non resident Bangladeshi NRB
  • to support irregular migrant

And finally,
It is an international campaign for abolishing modern slavery what is facing our community women and youth specially in Middle East.