Unable to Bear Any More Mistreatment, Golam Rabbani Has Come To Give the People a Voice


Everyone has their problems. Some are insignificant and superficial, while others can mean life or death. Everyone has to face the world and everything in it, and it’s a different world for each individual. We all need help at some point in life, but concerns like social injustice and disparity are significant challenges that a brave leader must address. This is where Golam Rabbani comes in. As a well-known social leader in Bangladesh, it is his mission to ensure that Bengalis receive all the necessary help.

Golam Rabbani is a renowned philosopher of social work-based politics and a lawyer in Bangladesh. He is an expatriate in electoral law and has completed his law degree from Bangladesh and hired a Human Rights diploma from the USA. He also completed his Master’s in Social Science from the University of Dhaka. He stood first in class, the first position with distinction, and his second Masters’s in Victimology and Restorative justice from Dhaka University. Golam believes that education is the backbone of a nation, and as a politician, he emphasizes the education sector in Bangladesh and wants to encourage more educational leadership. He is researching education law and administration at Liberty University in Virginia, which is now one of the 10th largest campuses in the world. This university has massive research-based campus facilities.

Starting as an intern at the International Labor Office in 1998, Golam Rabbani quickly set his sights on much bigger goals. He has established an organization that helps educate orphaned children and others who have no choice but to survive independently. His passion lies in social work. He wants to help people however and wherever possible. For this very purpose, he established the National Youth Forum of Bangladesh. This organization would bring about change one day at a time to help build a better and happier tomorrow for the less fortunate. Golam Rabbani himself, along with a group of fellow social workers, was able to help out in some way. It includes serving laborers by giving them shelter, providing free food service for homeless and hungry street children, etc., serving wherever possible to help the environment, or helping the laborers working at a garment factory known for its inhumane behavior towards their workers. He started his social work-based politics through this youth organization. For his outstanding leadership ability, he achieved the best youth organizer of the country award in 2004 from the then-prime minister of Bangladesh.

Nayan Bangalee believes that a social worker can fulfill the vacuum of a political leader in society. You can choose a leader from any political party, and how long you will look for those party leaders who are busy only with politics. Instead, start your work from your neighborhood where you realize this community’s people and their issues; There is No need to lend people to lead you. For example, a party focusing on social welfare and poverty reduction may align with social work goals related to poverty and inequality. A party that prioritizes environmental protection may align with social work goals related to environmental justice. By aligning with different parties, social workers can advocate for policies that align with their specific goals and values. Additionally, by working with other parties, social workers can build alliances and coalitions to help advance their causes and increase their impact.

Furthermore, they even found volunteers for blood donations, donating to whatever hospital needed it the most. They also worked to provide clothing and blankets to refugees and homeless people so they would not be so cold during the long winter nights. Other times they would donate food to the homeless.

What warmed Golam Rabbani’s heart was the gratitude he saw in all those he and his team helped. No matter how big or small it would be, seeing their eyes glazed with it, even for a day, was enough to help him work even harder to make life better for them.

He faced many obstacles during those work courses, and his social work activities turned to the civil rights movement. A significant turning part in Golam’s life happened on 22nd Nov 2013. When he was doing a rally for social justice and the voting rights movent with his social worker’s group, a 25-30 group of police suddenly attacked them with a gun and baton sticks. Police scattered everybody except Golam was caught by them and brutally tortured with their bayonets. When he fainted and bled on the road, police thought he was dead, and fortunately, many journalists and passersby could snatch this fainted body from the police. He was in the hospital for more than two months but could not stay in any single hospital long due to fear of a police raid. They broke his left hand, and they also injured his head. He never cared for the safety of his life. Human rights in Bangladesh are being trampled under the boot of the men in state power. Golam Rabbani Nayan Bangalee did not stop his people-oriented activity and opposing the government’s decisions which go against the interest of the people of Bangladesh’s progress and prosperity, and development

Golam Rabbani has laid a solid foundation for the people of Bangladesh. He sowed the seeds of the desired change, giving people the courage and optimism they needed to stand up for themselves and demand that they be treated as human beings.

Though he is a self-exile in the USA, his Bangaleer Patshala is still operating all services for orphan and street children; the education project is his top priority listed work. He wants to empower homeless and street children through education and leadership skills. Even in the USA, he has continued the food service program for the homeless in Michigan since 2016.

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