Kaycie Noble

About Kaycie Noble

I am happy to introduce myself.

I’m Kaycie Noble, representing the Michigan chapter on the board of the School of Leadership.

I am an enthusiastic and well-organized person with a solid background in entrepreneurship, healing arts, fine arts, and sales, plus herbal formulation and compounding.  You will find me a creative, hands-on professional with expertise in artistic and innovative applications, plus project and person management.

I cognize at a deep level of the myriad of operations to be organized and carried out in order to complete a project from conception, through operation, to realization. I find success within a team-oriented environment and thrive working with diverse groups of both children and adults alike.  Regularly, I go beyond expectations and my highest potential is met when the work I do is rife with positive purpose and supports global wellbeing.

have poise and kindness but I’m firm in logic, simplicity, and execution.

I enjoy volunteering time to the community to enrich the arts and also personal well-being. From the fall of 2013 until march of 2020 when COVID stopped school.  I’ve volunteered 4+ hours weekly as the art teacher at The Greenspire Middle School.  Greenspire is a project based charter school located at The Commons in Traverse City, MI.  For the 6.5 years I volunteered there, I spent 4 hours in direct teaching with the students during scheduled class time on Fridays.  Because I took the student’s and schools’ needs to heart I acted in full as a regular staff member would.  I took on supervising multiple art committees formulated by students each year for varied projects and fundraisers.  The last winter I was there, we actually took 2nd place in a city wide mural contest for Christmas,  winning the school $500.  I was so proud of my students as they were challenged against all the other larger public schools in the area.  Those schools have many students in art electives every day during the week to support their efforts with both time and hands. 


In the springs 2017-2020 I volunteered as a docent in the Michigan Legacy Art Park.  Here I got to give guided tours to school children of all ages in small groups.  We traversed 30 acres of steep wooded hills sprinkled with art installments of Michigan’s history uniquely explained by artists and sculptors from across the state.  I was able to formulate my own tours based on the research I did on the artists, their works of art, and the actual history of the region that the pieces represented.  Every impromptu tour lecture included facts about the artworks, artists, and Michigan history.  It is important for me to educate – of often neglected history – including the skeletal remains of giants found in the mounds of our region. It is my life’s work and passion to inspire young minds to think beyond the normality presented driving inquisition and forward thinking.


I continued in these volunteer opportunities until both were quashed by COVID.  At the same time I was working to build my current business Earth Labs, which I founded in July of 2019.  As I have built Earth Labs over the last 3 years, it took my time away from being able to provide to the community in the same way.  However, now I have the opportunity to support and oversee three full time, and two part time employees.  Additionally, Earth Labs provides low or no cost non-medical treatments to veterans and children in need to reduce pain and bring equanimity.  Using sound, light, and magnetics, Earth Labs allows them the opportunity for drug free and non-invasive alternatives that are not covered by insurance.


I am a highly sensitive person (HSP).  It is through this intimate and sensitive relationship with the energy and people that prompted me to become an ordained minister in February 2014.  I founded and oversee the eclesiastical body called Omnilight – The Church of Omniversal Light.  It is through this platform I am a steward and an advocate for: expansion of the human consciousness, the advocacy for the reverence of plant and animal consciousnesses, and the deeper recognition of our Mother Earth as a living being.


I am looking forward to giving my best to the School of Leadership.  And also looking forward to what the School of Leadership will be able to provide to the community as it grows as an organization.