Golam Rabbani Nayan Bangalee: The Man Making a Difference for Social Justice


In Bangladesh, the need for social work-based politics is becoming increasingly urgent. The social and economic irregularities that have plagued the country since its independence in 1971 are still deeply entrenched today. They require divisive action on behalf of policymakers to tackle them head-on. It can only be achieved through an approach based on social work principles, and Golam Rabbani is on a mission to bring about this change.

Golam Rabbani Nayan Bangalee is a popular leader who sees beyond the boundaries of his own country. He has been revolutionizing the field of social work and human rights activism for many years, pushing for progress and positive change in Bangladesh.

Born in the Cummila district of Chauddagram City, the journey of Golam has been one of perseverance and dedication. Despite the worst persecution and all the obstacles hurled in his direction, he has single-handedly pushed for the development of social work-based politics in Bangladesh – he is determined to continue his fight against inequality.

Nayan Bangalee started his career as a human rights lawyer in Bangladesh, backed by an urge to help eliminate the constant human rights violations. He enrolled as an advocate in the Supreme Court of Bangladesh in 2004 and started legal practice. Later, he stepped into the field of social work and made it his mission to serve the most neglected class of people and for their social justice. Today, he is the only Bangladeshi to serve as a foreign legal consultant in California State Bar and for those who are distressed abroad.

As a passionate advocate for social leadership, he founded Bangaleer Pathshala – School for Leadership, a social organization, in 2001 to introduce the concept of children’s leadership and social work-based politics theory in Bangladesh. He also founded many other community-based organizations where he was actively involved in managing crises and emergencies. In several instances, he was able to help settle disputes and provide support and guidance to individuals in need, including orphans and other young victims of human rights violations.

Golam has also become a vocal critic of the government’s policies in Bangladesh. He raised his voice, continued his battle against social injustice, and tried to push for change through various initiatives, which unfortunately didn’t go well. He got severely tortured and forced into exile from Bangladesh for his enthusiasm and commitment to social justice. In the course of his movement, he was brutally tortured and harassed several times.

On April 24, 2012, Golam was arrested by police after a procession for voting rights in front of the Bangladesh Supreme Court Police physically tortured him in custody the whole night. They left him for two nights in a completely dark room for no reason and treated him just like a criminal. As a lawyer of the Bangladesh Supreme Court, they did not show minimum respect to him.

On March 24, 2013, Group 2009, a political think tank group in Bangladesh, organized a human chain in front of the National Press club. The topic of the human chain was “ to protest the oppression of the government on the opposition party leaders and workers.” The human chain was presided over by Nayan Bangalee and attended by a renowned writer and journalist who is the founder of BBC Bangla, Mr. Shafiq Rehman, now an exile in the UK. On that day after the program, at midnight, police raided Nayan Bangalees’ home and arrested him for no reason.

Golam currently resides in the United States; despite all the obstacles he has endured, his vision and dedication to the mission of social leaders have remained strong. Through his tireless efforts, he continues to fight for a better Bangladesh. Today, Nayan Bangalee is a champion for liberty, freedom, and justice for all, and his story is a testament to the strength of the human spirit. Indeed, he is an inspiration to many as one-person standing against the system for human rights.

Support Nayan Bangalee Organization’s initiative and join hands with him to ensure Social Justice.

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