Some people believe that the word “government” is synonymous with corruption. And while this is true on some fronts, some people work to eradicate corruption and bring change to their countries – a change for the better. One such inspiring person is Golam Rabbani. Let’s see what he has to say about his experience trying to eradicate corruption and build awareness among the masses about the malfunctioning of the government.

What do you have to say about the election system in Bangladesh, and briefly tell us about your experience in this regard?

To say the electoral systems in Bangladesh are in complete disarray would be an understatement. Elections matter a lot when it comes to politics. It gives the ordinary person the right to choose their leader. In Bangladesh, many believe elections are often rigged for political parties and players already in power. Those in power stay in power.

While trying to run for the elections, I had little hope. I was aware of the corruption that existed within the political system. Many other political players had been in power for a long time. And they were not about to hand the reins over to someone else, someone new – someone who voiced his displeasure about the corruption in the government very loudly and publicly.

In Bangladesh, anyone daring to make constructive suggestions about the government is subjected to harassment, abduction, and even killing. I am no stranger to the first two. I was tortured by the government of Bangladesh several times for my outspoken stand against corruption and non-judicial rulings. I was once nearly beaten to death by the police force for arranging a peaceful rally to protest corruption. In short, I was a demonstration to the people – a warning for them to never go against the government.

Kindly elaborate on your notion of social work-based politics

I introduced a new brand of political practice called social work-based politics. I was raised strongly to empower labor class people in positions and social workers in politics rather than so-called business people with black money. I always fight against the political culture and system of nomination in elections and business people’s political involvement. Election corruption and money laundering are cancer in politics. I am an expert on electoral law and doing deep research on electoral rules and regulations to present a firm guideline for my country to ensure free and fair elections.

What are your achievements in politics and social work you are proud of?

Despite being in self-exile in the USA, my efforts to build a better Bangladesh have had some impact. The Youth Forum I created is still strong and has been an Election Observer for 20 years. I established Bangaleer Pathshala, a school for less fortunate children. I got an opportunity to be appointed by the Honorable President of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh as a board director of the “Prime Minister’s Youth Welfare Fund Management Board” director. For my efforts, I was awarded the National Youth Award in 2004 by Prime Minister Begum Khaleda Zia, who is now in Jail.

How do you feel about your efforts, and what are your aspirations for the future?

Bangladesh is a no man’s land now, and people like me are not safe, only because they work for the people’s safety and security and protect their will. I have done everything I could for those who needed my help because I loved them and was sympathetic toward them and their plight. I am still trying to assist my fellow compatriots in fighting for a better tomorrow, regardless of wherever I am and the circumstances.

Though he is in the USA, he is influencing his country’s people to join mainstream politics in the USA. He always discourages the Bangladeshi American community, who are American citizens, from doing Bangladeshi politics abroad. It is a total waste of time and energy.

Golam is a leading figure in the political avenue of Bangladesh and exercises powerful influence over the masses. If you want to know more about his political struggles, social welfare and projects, feel free to visit his official website.

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